About Merlin ETF

Carefully curated Large Cap Growth companies without benchmark, sector, or industry restrictions


Merlin develops and manages modern investment strategies. We specialize in equity investment strategies focused on investing in the best US listed large cap growth companies. Merlin Asset Management's large cap growth equity strategies are benchmark agnostic and are characterized by high conviction, high active share and low turnover. Merlin's investment strategies are offered as Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) and as an active Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

Merlin Asset Management is a subadvisor to Fieldstone Merlin Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETF (NYSE: FMDG), an active equity ETF based on the Merlin Dynamic Growth investment strategy. Investors can access additional FMDG information on Morningstar and many other ETF research sites.


Michael Obuchowski

Michael Obuchowski, Ph.D.
Founder & Chief Investment Officer