Merlin ETF

Important Notice Regarding the Closure of the Fieldstone Merlin Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETF

Fieldstone Merlin Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETF

Launch Date: 8.18.2017

The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective principally by investing in the stock of 25 large cap growth firms selected by Merlin as being, in the opinion of Merlin, among the most attractive large cap growth firms, regardless of industry or sector. Merlin will seek to identify firms that are highly profitable and capable of sustainable earnings growth that Merlin believes will outpace that of the broader market and that trades at an attractive valuation relative to its expected earnings growth. All holdings will be individual US-listed equity securities, with market capitalization typically above $5 billion.

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Why Merlin

  • High conviction disciplined proprietary research
  • High active share benchmark agnostic portfolios
  • Low turnover focused investment strategies
  • Repeatable structured investment process
  • Active equity ETF vehicle - low cost, tax efficiency, easy transactions
  • Individual stock selection with no benchmark or sector restrictions
  • Comprehensive multivariate approach
  • Equal weights limit individual position risk exposure

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